A lot of us have heard about the word (the subconscious mind) but at the same time, a lot of us haven’t realized how important is it yet? We need several articles to just explain some of the marvelous roles of the subconscious mind, and how it could be a treasure if we learned how to use it in the right way. At the current moment, it’s enough to know that the Subconscious mind is the center of emotions, passions, and memory (a huge and super computer that we store on it everything during our lifetime). Everything in that world, works according to specific laws, and if we know how to use those laws, we will use it effectively, efficiently and live our life happily. From this point, the same applies to the subconscious mind, so we will talk about one of the three important laws that control our subconscious mind. Those laws might sound simple in its meaning, but if you apply them you will be so amazing for the results, are you ready for the challenge! So let’s go!

  • 1- The law of causality (cause & effect or result):

It’s very important to know that the cause leads to a result, and in turn, ideas lead to the same result. For more clarification, someone wants to be an online writer, here we have two cases: the first one, he did nothing “cause”, just wishing and consequently, he didn’t become an online writer as he was dreaming “effect or result”; the second one, he was committed to improving himself in several aspects like (learnt the right language’s grammar& vocabulary, read various books on online content, learnt online writing skills, and etc…) all the previous steps were “the cause” so what was the result? He turned his dream into reality! (Became an online writer) Surely you realized right now the importance of the law of causality. Before moving to the other laws, you really need to take real steps to apply that significant law especially, after you figured out how it could change your life.

  • 2- The law of attraction:

It means that anything you can think of will be attracted to you from the same type (of your own ideas).  The subconscious mind exactly works like a magnet. For example, if you think of something positive, it will be attracted to you of the same type and the same applies if you’re thinking something negatively, that’s why this law is one of the most subconscious mind’s dangerous laws, as human energy doesn’t know  distances, times and places. For instance, if you thought about someone, and  he was thousands of miles away from you, the energy will be transferred to him, and will be also transferred back to you   of the same type of ideas (positive or negative). So that you would understand that point quite clearly; after answering this question; have you ever thought about someone, and suddenly you have seen (somewhere) or heard (phone call) him? Definitely, it happened, neither for you, not for me, but for all people on the planet, as we are talking about a real and natural law!!The bottom line here is: Be seriously careful about what kind of ideas you have on your own mind!

  • 3- The law of focus:

It means that, if you focus on anything “positive or negative), it will surely affect your judgment on things and thus on, what you feel (your feelings). For instance, if you are now focusing on the misery, you’ll feel negative feelings and as a result; your judgment on that thing will be negative, and in return, if you are now focusing on the happiness, you’ll feel positive feelings, and consequently; your judgment will be positive as well. The bottom line here is that: you should always observe what your subconscious mind is focusing on, as we illustrated earlier, how the huge impact (depending on a type of focus) it would be on your life (positive or negative).

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